The Network you can rely on.

More than just a Virtual Network Provider.

A better way to start your Network.

Robust Backbone

Our Backbone Network is able to handle traffic at large levels, no matter how much stress there is on the network, your tunnel will always be provisioned the speed you're paying for. Throughput upgrades are available.


Our Core Network is located in the Netric ZRH1 Datacenter, with military-grade physical security. Network Security and Protection is provided through Corero Networks.

Easy Setup

Upon Registering, simply let us know your Endpoint's IPv4/IPv6 Address, enter the credentials provided by us in your Wireguard Endpoint Device and start receiving and transmitting traffic.

Community Support

Need Help? Our Community and Staff is always ready and happy to assist you with any issues you might be facing.

"You want a resiliant network? Start by simplifying it."
samNstuff / System Administrator