VirtCube Network

1. For a business entity to join they have to be one or more of the following:
a) A registered organization.
b) A sole trader's business network.
c) A non-profit project providing value to the wider internet.

2. For entities joining under 1c, VirtCube decides on the application on a case-by-case basis.

3. If you are connecting using a transport or cross-connect connection (within the datacenter, or one of our PoPs), or your port is locally accessible by us, please note this in your connection request.

4. Be transparent when you join. Do not provide misleading information.

1. The only ethertypes allowed are:
a) ARP.
b) IPv4.
c) IPv6.

2. If you have an open peering policy, you should peer with the route servers. This isn't mandatory, but highly recommended.

3. Do not announce any non-routed or private prefixes without permission from VirtCube.

4. Be transparent upon an Abuse Report. Anything else will lead to a suspension from the network.

1. You are only allowed to announce public prefixes that you own. VirtCube has permission to ask for proof of ownership at any point of time. Failing to provide this will lead to the prefix being null-routed.